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Our rates include

Comprehensive insurance cover including public liability and third party insurance subject to an excess, unlimited mileage, 24hr road assistance and breakdown service, road licensing fees, routine vehicle maintenance and V.A.T.

Our rates exclude
Optional insurances, excess waiver options, fuel supplied with the car, hire of baby seats, satellite navigation systems, out of hours service, vehicle delivery and collection service, special cleaning, other services and extras not included in our rates.
Car Groups / Models
First car rental offer a wide variety of makes within each car group or category. Vehicle makes & models used in the website are only an indication of the most likely type of vehicle supplied within the each car group however this is not guaranteed. First car rental guarantees that in case an alternative brand of vehicle is supplied, it will at the least have the same features and specifications of the category booked in terms of approximate size, air-conditioning, number of doors and transmission type. A free vehicle upgrade will be provided should a car within the confirmed category be unavailable at time of pick up.
Age Requirements
Our standard policy covers drivers aged between 25 and 70 years. A valid driving license held for at least 2 years must be presented at time of rental. Young drivers aged 21-24 years and mature drivers aged 71-75 years may be insured at a daily premium charge.
The FDW option (listed below) is not available for young or mature drivers so a minimum excess charge always applies.
Insurance Excess Amounts
Subject that a valid insurance policy can be enforced without exclusion, the renter’s financial responsibility is limited to the excess (deductible) amount specified in the rental agreement.
The excess charge is the portion of the total repair costs for which the renter is responsible. This is payable in the event of an insurance claim in all circumstances of damage, whether resulting from accident, theft, attempted theft, fire, hit and run situations, vandalism or other.
All car groups except H & J have an excess of €1000.  Car Groups H & J have an excess of €1500.
In cases where damages are minimal and repair costs amount to less than the excess amount, the renter’s liability will be limited to the actual damage repair cost including any administration expenses, loss of use of the vehicle and other costs determined by the company at the time. The excess charge will not be payable if a Third Party accepts liability (in writing) for any damage or accident.
The vehicle’s insurance policy is subject to strict terms and conditions, most important of which are outlined below.
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Insurance
The renter may optionally purchase Collision and Theft insurance (CDW) to waive 50% of the standard excess liability in case of any damage/accident/theft/vandalism etc… The cost of this optional insurance is subject to the rental agreement.
Full Damage Waiver (FDW) Insurance
The renter may optionally purchase Full Damage Waiver insurance (FDW) to waive 100% of the standard excess liability in case of any damage/accident/theft/vandalism etc… The cost of this optional insurance is subject to the rental agreement.
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
This insurance is optionally available at a daily charge to cover the driver and passengers’ medical expenses in case of bodily injury including death, loss of sight, loss of limbs, permanent and/or temporary or partial disablement. The policy will pay according to the type of injury and on the basis of the benefit levels indicated in the policy. The cost of this optional insurance is subject to the rental agreement.
Additional Driver Insurance
This insurance is optionally available at a daily charge to cover more than one driver on the rented vehicle during the rental duration. All additional drivers must present their driving license at time of rental to be insured.
Wheels, Glass and Tyres Insurance (WGT)
This insurance is optionally available at a daily charge to cover the vehicle’s wheels, tyres, rims and glass components (windows, side mirrors, windshield etc…). The cost of this optional insurance is subject to the rental agreement
Fuel Policy
First car rental operate a prepaid fuel policy whereby cars are supplied with fuel (usually full tank) and this is payable at commencement of rental. Renters are advised to return vehicles empty as no refunds are given for unused fuel at the end of the rental.
Optional “Full-to-Full” system
Renters preferring to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel may purchase a “Full-to-Full” rental option at a fixed charge per rental. Clients having purchased a “Full-to-Full” fuel option returning vehicles with missing fuel, will be charged a refuelling service fee on top of any refuelling cost which will be charged at the station price / litre + VAT.

Payment requirements
Payment for car rental, fuel and extras is to be made by credit card or in cash prior to commencement of rental. The credit card holder must be present at time of pick up, to sign the rental agreement and must present valid photo identification (passport, identity card or driving license). VISA, Master card and AMEX credit and debit cards are accepted. Maestro cards may not be accepted.
All charges paid through credit card may appear as First Car Rental or Travel Smart Limited.

All our rental charges and transactions are processed in Euro currency. The rate of exchange used to convert to Euro will be determined by your credit card company and may vary from the one advertised on our site at time of booking.
Security Deposit / Card Pre-authorisation
Renters are required to leave a security deposit as a guarantee against any loss, damage, road contraventions, late returns etc… The required deposit is equal to the excess amount carried by the vehicle’s insurance as stipulated by the rental agreement. A minimum deposit of €150 is required with all rentals. This deposit will be blocked on the renter’s credit card for a period of up to1 month from start of rental. Pre-authorised amounts are unblocked automatically by the issuing credit card company.
Renters having insufficient funds to cover the required deposit guarantee will be required to purchase an insurance excess waiver in order to lower the financial responsibility and required security deposit.
Clients paying in cash will still be required to present a valid credit card as a guarantee and this may be swiped with a charge of 1 cent to confirm validity of the card. Non credit card holders will be required to leave a cash deposit equal to the excess amount. A minimum deposit of €150 is always required even for rentals having a zero excess. The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer or cheque 3 to 4 weeks after termination of rental. Any bank charges for processing refunds of cash deposits will be at the renter’s expense.
Flight Information
Flight information is required for all airport rentals. First car rental will not be held responsible if a car is not prepared for a client on their arrival should the correct flight information not have been provided.
Late pick ups
Reserved vehicles will be kept for a maximum of 4 hours after the booked pick up time. If during this time the renter does not notify the company of a delay in collection of the vehicle, the booking will be considered a “no show” and the vehicle may be released to other clients. In such cases any deposit paid by the renter may be lost.
Early returns
Online bookings are sold at special offer rates with the condition that no refunds are given for early vehicle returns.
Late returns
Vehicles returned later than the time or place stipulated on the rental agreement contract, irrespective of the time of commencement of rental, will be given a grace period of one hour, after which a full day’s rental will be charged. Additional collection fees, administrative and out of hours charges may also be applicable if a vehicle is returned late without prior notice. The same clause will apply to rentals terminated at a different location than stipulated on the rental contract.
After Hour rentals
All rentals commencing outside of office hours (1700hrs-0800hrs) or on Public Holidays are subject to a one time “Out of hours” charge.  This charge is clearly indicated on our booking process and/or your confirmation voucher.
Special offer rates and online bookings
Any bookings done through the First car rental website or any of its affiliate sites are priced at promotional, special offer rates, subject to the terms and conditions for online bookings. Online bookings made in advance enable the car company to allocate rentals efficiently and maximise vehicle utilisation, thus enabling lower rental rates.

Our address

First Car Rental, N/S off Valletta Road, Luqa LQA 1771
35.8989085, 14.514552800000047
(356) 2060 7444

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