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Emergency Animal Ambulance Transport,to Any Cinics,Dead Body Removals,Stray Animal Assistance.

Ambuserv Animal Ambulance

Previously most veterinary practices have been forced to recommend pet transport services that were less than adequate in transporting animals using unmarked vans/cars with little or no equipment and poor customer service skills.
It can be extremely upsetting and worrying when your pet is ill or has been injured. This can be made more complicated when it happens outside of normal working hours. Many vets in Malta, now operate one designated specialist vet for out of hours emergency clinics or want to take your pet to the San Frangisk Animal Welfare Hospital which can often be far from your home. We can respond to emergencies anytime of the day or night and provide excellent quality care to your pet on their way to the vets or to an emergency clinic
At Ambuserv Animal Ambulance, we aim to provide a professional customer focused service. This has been achieved by the following:

1)Providing a properly equipped Vehicle.

The ambulance is equipped with a special animal stretcher, oxygen equipment (including oxygen tents), muzzles, restraint equipment, high angle and confined spaces rescue equipment, as well as a full trauma kit. The ambulance has been purposely built by a specialist company with fixed cages and secured cat carriers. The cages are also easily cleaned and are disinfected after every animal using a broad spectrum disinfectant.

2) Properly trained staff

Not only properly trained in first aid and incident management but we are also trained in customer care. The ambulance is manned by a first responder trained by a veterinary nurse. We believe it is as important to be compassionate to the owner as it is to treat the injured or sick animal and this can be achieved by effective and compassionate communication by the ambulance staff both on the scene and in the veterinary or animal hospital. The ambulance staff can be easily identified by the unique blue uniform that has the member staff name on as well as the company logo on the back.

3) 24 hour manned phone line.

Our emergency number +346 99 200 100 is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Your call will always be answered and dealt with immediately. We always advise you to call your own vet or hospital prior to calling us. Listen to the entire message at your vet and call the emergency number given by your vet. If you are unsure of the out of hour’s emergency number then we can direct you in the right direction. We are independently run, we cannot recommend any vet and can only direct you to your own vets. If you are not registered with a vet we will transport you to the nearest out of hours vet. Our telephone charges are at local rates.

4) Body Removal

We also provide a body removal service if your pet dies at home. We can transport them to your own vet where they can arrange for inceneration or we can transport your animal to the local incenerator. We understand that this may happen any time day or night and we are here 24 hours!! Please call for help and or information.


We offer concessions to disabled people, those receiving social assistance. We can offer discounted rates for those who need regular help and do block bookings.

More Information About Us

We have been trained by a reputable company in animal first aid. We are committed in taking animal ambulances into the 21st century by promoting properly run ambulances which are run and operated by fully trained staff. We are insured commercially. We ask owners to complete a consent form prior to the journey and estimated costs are also given prior to journey.
Our main objective is to safely transport an animal as quickly as possible for treatment. Therefore we will administer first aid (when necessary) which will make it safe to move and transport an animal that is sick or injured and then transport the animal for immediate veterinary treatment. If necessary we will give oxygen on route. In situations where animals are severely injured we will consult with an emergency vet. We are not a replacement for a vet and ask that all clients contact their own vet prior to contacting us! We ALWAYS instruct clients to do so before attending any animal.

Services OfferedAmbuserv Animal Ambulance

  • Transport to and from your home to your regular Vet Clinic
  • Transport to and from after-hours hospital or emergency Vet Clinic
  • Return services from the hospital/vet clinic to your home, boarding facility, airport, etc.
  • Non-urgent transport (However, ambulance calls come first, so exact timing cannot be guaranteed)
  • Arranging inceneration for deceased pets

Our address

Flat No2,TriqSajguna, l/o Halman, Lija, Malta,
35.90138890000001, 14.447222199999942

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